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ixi media, s. r. o. is a fully-integrated creative studio specializing in graphic design, advertising, animation, photo/video production, book design, illustration, print and all media services.

We offer complete graphic and creative services such as (leaflets, calendars, invitations, postcards, PF and POS materials, posters) corporate design (logos, corporate trademarks, complete visual communication portfolios, catalogs, brochures, annual general reports, firm materials, business and complimentary cards, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations) outdoor design (street and city advertising, city lights, transparencies, billboards, information systems and maps, pictograms, orientation tables, PVC, paper, cloth, wallpapers, wraps, flag, exhibition stand), photo/video production, editing, advertising campaign development (slogans, storyboards, billboards, TV spots, creative and graphic production), internet (website, e-shop, mobile applications) sign making (foil sticks on public transport), illustration, book design - complete book cover design and bookbinding including illustrations, editing, retouching, coloring and cutouts as well as complete DTP facilities (scanning, typography, proof sheets, CTP, film output) and print production (self-adhesive labels, every kind of printed material, printing promotional items .  +420 737 908 934Copyright © 2015 - ixi media, s.r.o.